Six ways to save your hair before it’s too late

Getting Real Results, the Alpha Way!

It’s no secret that hair loss, balding or hair thinning can be a very unwelcomed event in anyone’s life. Every time you look in the mirror, you can’t help but notice that receding hairline or balding crown at the back of your head. Or maybe your eyebrows have lost shape and volume, or your once full beard suddenly has bald patches here and there.

Whatever your hair loss experience is, it’s something that can lower confidence and your self-esteem. A lot of times, unjust stigma is associated with hair loss so it can feel incredibly difficult for you to talk about. Not to mention the endless cover-ups, coloured hair sprays or makeup techniques you must master to hide it all. It’s exhausting, to say the least, but you’ve finally come to the right place!

The Alpha Clinic is Edmonton’s leading hair transplant and restoration clinic, and we’re here to help you Take Back Control of your hair! We pride ourselves on our master craftsmanship by our team of hair loss specialists. This team of experts is led by Dr. Zaki Taher, one of Canada’s most prominent, Board-Certified Dermatologists.

We, at the Alpha Clinic, understand how personal your hair loss experience is, and we commend you on taking your first step to educate and inform yourself on your options regarding hair regrowth and restoration.


effective PRP hair loss treatment

This client came to the Alpha Clinic in search of an effective hair loss treatment, and after being treated with our PRP Therapy, we restored a beautiful, full head of hair for her.


Remember That You Are Not Alone

The first thing you must realize is that you’re not alone! Hair loss is actually quite common, and by around the age of 35, more than half of all men will experience hair loss to some degree. About one-third of women will experience it at some point in their lives. In fact, two-thirds of postmenopausal women will face hair loss.

Now, if you’re noticing your hair strands here and there around the house, remember, we lose approximately 50-100 strands of hair a day, so it’s perfectly normal for everyone. However, if you notice more evident signs of hair loss on your scalp, beard or even your eyebrows, there are ways the Alpha Clinic can help!

Our experts have carefully curated an advanced selection of potential treatment plans that could work for those suffering from hair thinning or minor hair loss to extreme balding and everything in between. The six treatments are outlined from minor hair loss treatments to strongly effective procedures, aimed at more advanced hair loss patients.


1. Shampoo:
Switching out your consumer-grade shampoos (which rob your scalp of healthy oils that nourish your hair due to harsh chemicals) for a premium, medical-grade option is a great place to start for immediate action on hair that is beginning to slowly thin and needs a healthy boost.

At the Alpha Clinic, we believe in offering solutions to our clients at varying stages of hair loss, so our clinic offers an array of carefully selected and formulated hair care products to revitalize and strengthen your hair at the earliest of stages. Just remember, these aren’t magic potions and it’s important to be realistic when considering this option. It’s recommended for all clients to use a quality, medical-grade shampoo, but if your hair continues to shed for more complex reasons, we have stronger alternatives for you to consider.


medical-grade shampoos and conditioners for healthy hair

The Alpha Clinic offers a wide range of premium, medical-grade shampoos and conditioners to help keep your hair healthy. Hair oils and supplements are also available.


2. Vitamins:
It’s not uncommon for initial hair loss to begin due to a lack of proper vitamin intake, leading to a nutritional deficiency. Our hair relies on biotin, protein, zinc, folic acid and iron to name a few, so a lack in any or all of these will generally weaken your body’s ability to grow naturally healthy hair.

Supplementing with the right vitamins can improve the health, length and lifespan of your hair follicles. It’s very important to consult with your physician for them to assess if this solution is right for you and for them to prescribe the right vitamins at the right dosages, as loading up on vitamin cocktails isn’t a safe route.


3. Medications:
There are several topical and oral prescribed medications available to patients looking for a stronger alternative to shampoos and vitamins. Rogaine, for example, is a vasodilator, which increases the flow of blood to your roots by dilating the vessels of the area to which the medication is applied. You may, however, notice a surge in hair fall until your newer, stronger hair comes through, as well as the side effect of a more irritable scalp.

Another viable oral option is a finasteride such as Propecia, which has seen results for some individuals. However, side effects have included sexual dysfunction and cardiac issues, so it’s important to consult Dr. Taher before incorporating any medications in your hair care regimen. One last note is that these are damage control options and do not aid in regrowth. Once you lose the medicine, you lose the results.


4. Laser Hair Restoration:
At the Alpha Clinic, we offer Fotona Laser Hair Restoration as a more advanced procedure to combat hair loss. The treatment increases blood flow in the scalp while stimulating your metabolism resulting in the production of hair growth.

It’s a fairly short procedure with no downtime; however, several sessions may be recommended for optimal results. We find that for some patients, our Fotona Laser Hair Restoration works best when coupled with our PRP Hair Restoration treatment.


PRP injections

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss is an effective, non-invasive treatment with minimal discomfort.


5. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP):
This naturally rejuvenating treatment uses your own blood platelets to stimulate tissue regeneration, cell growth, and collagen production. It’s the most popular, non-surgical hair loss treatment offered at the Alpha Clinic, leaving you with hair that’s 100% organic.

PRP therapy begins with drawing blood from your arm and placing it in a centrifuge where it’s spun, separating enriched plasma from other components of your blood. This plasma, rich in platelets, is injected directly into the targeted region at the level of your hair follicles, stimulating hair regrowth through repairing hair follicles that are dormant or damaged. Results will be noticeable, beginning a few months after the procedure.


6. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):
The Alpha FUE treatment utilizes the most advanced surgical hair restoration technology available today, SmartGraft, for the most advanced hair loss treatment we offer. Your own robust hair follicles are removed from donor sites and transplanted back into the targeted areas.

Unlike prior surgical methods, the Alpha Technique does not leave visible linear scarring and delivers the natural results you dream of with minimal discomfort and reduced downtime. The success of this transplant is associated with the experience and expertise of your surgeon, and that’s why it’s critical to come to the very best. Results show in full in about a year following the procedure.


Dr. Zaki Taher, performing the Alpha FUE Treatment

Our Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Zaki Taher, performing the Alpha FUE Treatment.


Ultimately, it’s our goal at the Alpha Clinic to inform and educate all our clients so that they make the right decision for a hair loss treatment that works best for them. We care about your results, so our team of hair loss experts will work with you to choose a treatment plan that provides the best results for you.

So, whether medications or shampoos are right for you, or more advanced hair loss treatments such as PRP or FUE procedures suit your condition better, the Alpha Clinic will be with you every step of the way. Your journey towards healthy hair restoration, higher self-confidence, and just feeling your very best begins with us. Take the leap and contact us for your complimentary consultation today!