SmartGraft Hair TreatmentProven Technology that Works

SmartGraft is the latest solution for hair loss, using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology which can be the simple solution for both men and women. The Alpha Clinic is the leading hair restoration clinic in Edmonton offering this advanced procedure. SmartGraft restores hair loss by using a method that is less intrusive than traditional surgical methods.

Through a process known as FUE Hair Restoration, experts at the Alpha Clinic use SmartGraft to produce the most natural looking results for our clients through a single, in-office procedure that leaves you feeling good with less discomfort and recovery time.

So Why is SmartGraft Hair Restoration Great Choice for You?

Because results matter! Using SmartGraft technologies along with precision craftmanship from our team of hair experts, you will notice visible changes fast. Noticeable changes can begin as soon as three months after your procedure, with full hair growth being realized in as little as a year.


If you’re in search of the best hair transplant and restoration clinic in Edmonton to treat your hair loss, the Alpha Clinic is the best choice for you. Our clinic offers the latest and most advanced hair loss treatments available, making use of the most innovative technologies on the market and the most sophisticated procedures available in Edmonton. Some of our services include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants using SmartGraft technology, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, Fotona Laser Hair Restoration, as well as advanced Turkish hair restoration techniques such as Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

Whatever procedure is most appropriate for you, hair restoration is a rewarding experience that leads to internal gratification and a boost in your confidence and self-esteem. Different procedures yield different results in different timeframes, so it is important to choose a clinic led by experts in hair regrowth and restoration. Choosing the best hair transplant specialist in Edmonton is necessary for a treatment plan best suited to your condition. As in all things, hair restoration can lead to a lack of results, unexpected complications and unnecessary additional costs, so choosing the very best clinic is critical, and that is why you should contact the Alpha Clinic today!


Designed for People Ready to Make a Difference

The nature of hair loss is complex, and this phenomenon can occur for several reasons, including certain diseases or medications, genetics, as well as irreparable damage from excessive pressure over time (such as hats and ponytails). Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be experienced by both men and women of all ages, races and hair types. SmartGraft is designed for people ready to make a positive change to their appearance in a smart and effective way, with noticeable results that are permanent.


SmartGraft hair restoration technology works on a microscopic level, zooming in on a region of the scalp that has healthy, “bald resistant” hair follicles. These micro hair grafts are extracted one to four at a time, and then implanted into the targeted regions, producing healthy, natural hair growth. Because SmartGraft technology works on such a microscopic level, there is no linear scarring or noticeable evidence of a procedure having took place.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration


Real Results that are Natural & Healthy

By choosing the Alpha Clinic and SmartGraft procedure, our team of qualified hair experts will give you healthy looking hair with a look that will naturally suit you. Our experts implant hair using each patient’s natural hair pattern. The carefully harvested follicular grafts that are chosen are placed strategically based on the quantity of hair in each graft as well. For example, we place single and double grafts for the fine detail of your frontal hairline and use the grafts with multiples to add density where it lacks.


Having your hair transplant procedure done using the Alpha FUE Technique with SmartGraft allows you to have a positive experience with minimal pain, less downtime, and more importantly, amazing results. All patients feel completely healed between three to seven days, which is advantageous to those patients eager to return to work or their preferred leisure and fitness activities.


How to Determine if SmartGraft is the Right Choice for You

There are so many hair loss solutions on the market today, but the Alpha Clinic provides the most cutting-edge procedures for their clients. A SmartGraft FUE hair transplant is undeniably one of the best options when it comes to hair thinning and hair loss due to pattern baldness. The technology allows us to transplant healthy, permanent hair follicles to regions that it has fallen out. The only caveat is ensuring you have enough healthy donor hair to replace the balding areas.


What’s so ideal about the SmartGraft procedure, especially for those with hair loss that is quite advanced, is the ability to have the procedure done multiple times over the course of their life. This is also advantageous for younger patients, because they no longer have to wait to completely bald or loose tremendous amounts of hair before restoring it. They can simply undergo the Alpha FUE Technique using SmartGraft in earlier stages of hair loss and take preventative measures to maintain a healthy head of hair before it gets worse.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

Is SmartGraft the Right Choice?

The Alpha FUE Technique using SmartGraft may be right for you if:

If you would like to inquire more about the Alpha FUE SmartGraft procedure, and determine if you are a good candidate, please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today!


SmartGraft is the newest FUE device on the market, allowing for hair restoration that combines cutting-edge technology with our hair expert’s precision craftmanship.


Benefits of the SmartGraft hair transplant include: